Live server not working with Chrome


since I have windows 10 Pro insider preview evaluation 17692.rs_prerelease_flt. 180625-1624
Does Atom no longer work with Chrome. I get an error The parameter is incorrect [OK]
That’s all.


Atom has no bearing on this issue, since Atom has no live server capabilities. The atom-live-server package does not care what browser you use.

I get an error

Mind posting a screenshot of it?


The server is running, what and where, I do not know.

It works in Microsoft Edge. But in Internet Explorer, it does not work.
I do not have more browsers.

This problem has been resolved for the time being. Because I’m back to a previous version of Windows 10 Pro. (1803 Build: 17134.112). Otherwise I can not continue with my website :wink:


That’s strange. A server running on your computer should work with every browser.


Maybe Microsoft wants to make us so clear that we now have to switch to the browser Edge?


I think that’s a bit dramatic and unlikely. Regardless, I agree with them. Anyone who was still using IE should switch to Edge at the very least, even though Chrome, Firefox, and Brave are better.


Was only a joke. :wink:
But, I do not shoot much with your answers.
I still can not continue with Atom


You could use an alternative like browsersync. It requires command-line instructions, but those can be automated with process-palette.


It has always worked with Google Chrome.
Why now suddenly no longer? Can you explain that?
I really do not start with command-line instructions. it must remain workable and fast!


I don’t thnk anyone except you knows what happened on your computer to make it stop working.

What’s faster than a keyboard shortcut?


The only thing that happened is that I now have a new Windows version and
you know what in a few weeks you have this version too. Just think about it.
So if nothing changes you are with exactly the same problem as I have now!


Me? I don’t use Windows. Nor do I see a problem with Atom, or use the atom-live-server package (or any kind of live server). To confirm it’s a problem with Atom itself, you would need to replicate the issue in safe mode (which disables all community packages and your init script).

It looks like the atom-live-server package is having issues though, so you might want to notify the people who wrote it by making an issue on it’s repository.


No. I don’t have any intimate knowledge of atom-live-server or live-server (which is where the issue probably is) or of your computer. I have never seen a “The parameter is incorrect” error when starting the package or browsing this forum. My copy of atom-live-server works fine. Are you sure you haven’t tried to configure the package with an .atom-live-server.json file?

I really do not start with command-line instructions. it must remain workable and fast!

Like I said, you can automate it with process-palette. If you want, you can tell Atom to start the server automatically in response to some action of yours.

What version? My Windows 10 machine is up to date, so I probably already have it.


I hereby put an end to this subject.
It seems damned if it’s my fault that Atom-live-server is no longer working.
Have a nice day.


Good Morning Support,
for some reason Atom suddenly works in Google Chrome again. :wink:

I am very happy with this!