Live Server has Stopped on Atom-Live_Server Package


Hey, when I try running the atom-live-server package to localhost, the web browser pops up “The Site Can Not Be Reached” and the live server instantly stops running on Atom’s end. I am not sure if my atom tomcat is messed up or what not. Thanks to the genius who knows the fix in advance.


You might want to submit a bug report to the maintainers of the atom-live-server package.


Hmmn alright thanks. Not much activity there but hopefully there’s a response


Wow this problem was way easier to fix than expected. I’ll post solution for anyone in the future, you must have your Project Folder in the Atom Project Manager pane set to a folder inside of the .atom directory, I was trying to open a file in my documents directory.


project-manager is a community package, and “pane” has a special use in Atom’s UI (the centermost containers where TextEditors live). Do you mean the tree-view dock item?