Live Server does not functioning on my macbook

So this is not my code. This is an automatic code.

Looks like it’s functioning. If it’s not showing the page you expect, then that page might be placed incorrectly. Mind showing us a screenshot of the file open in Atom?

No matter what page I want to be showed, the result is the same all the time.

Mind showing me the tree view for that project?

Here you are:

Could that page be from another project you have open? It’s not my experience that live-server has default HTML. If I start it in a project with a file called index.html, it always shows index.html, and if the folder has no index.html, I just see the files.

I also don’t have access to Mac, so there could be something happening there that I can’t identify since I’ve never seen it.

There is no another project open.
I use to use this on my windows PC successfully.
When I restart my macbook and I want to start the live server I get this result, no matter which html I want to send by live server.