Live preview without saving the files?



I’m a recent convert, coming from a few weeks’ worth of work in Brackets. I didn’t like their software at all, but there was one feature in particular I could get behind; the ability to see the HTML/CSS change in the browser on a seperate screen without saving the files or refreshing the web browser.

Are there any packages that emulate this behavior? It would definitely be a godsend to not have to alt-tab out of the editor every time I want to check out a change. Thanks in advance.

Autosave changes in files (like "Live connect" in brackets)

A quick search yielded the following:

  • atom-html-preview gives you a preview inside Atom, without the need to save the file.
  • livereload gives you a preview in any browser, but requires you to save the file first.

I don’t use the packages myself, so I may have misinterpreted their READMEs.

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