Live Preview for HTML + CSS


Hey guys, whats the best package to use to load HTML + CSS? I’m currently using a trial version of prepros, which is a standalone app and isn’t free. Suggestions? I’ve tried live preview AND browser plus but they don’t seem to carry the updates I make. For instance I’ll make change in the HTML and relaunch live preview but the changes will not be in effect


I’ve been using Atom HTML Preview, but I also haven’t been shopping around for the “best” one.

Isn’t that antithetical to how a live preview should work? You shouldn’t have to relaunch it. Also, what package are you actually using? You call it “live preview”, but there’s no package by that name.


My bad i wasn’t clear; current i have downloaded preview and browser-plus and both of them don’t update when i change my HTML text


Is there a way to attribute permissions, so Live Preview can access local files?
It’s kinda hard to work with it without a server.


hellow…any new package for live preview html + css???atom-html-preview is dead…markdown preview how to use it lol


I’m also searching for a good HTML preview plugin. Please suggest an alternative to atom-html-preview. It seems to be dead.