Live Markdown Previews


The level of work I do is simply text based and somewhat procedural.
Rather than look at markdown previews from another window, I would prefer to see markdown previews directly on the atom editor.

Is there a live markdown preview package available for atom?

Theme not changing text color

Yes. It’s one of the core packages, so it’s included automatically.


thanks for your prompt reply.

i figured why I’m unable to see syntax indication…this is due to me using the seti ui theme with atom monokai syntax theme.
only syntax highlighting that works in the atom monokai theme is :some_text: which turns the color violet.
is there a way to edit the atom monokai syntax theme to work in the similar fashion as the one dark syntax theme?


I’m not sure what the issue is. Monokai seems to work fine for me.

What grammar do you have active? Does the problem persist when you close all Atom windows and restart from the command line with atom --safe? Have you tried any syntax themes other than Monokai or One Dark?


hi damnedscholar,

the syntax highlighting works completely fine for file types like ruby on rails, puppet, css, etc…
the issue is with my current ui and syntax theme. please see attached.


I get an error when I attempt to install and load the atom-monokai theme, let alone the syntax highlighting being less than satisfactory. If you have suggestions for the atom-monokai theme, the Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the authors of any Atom community package or theme.

Since the :tada: is colored, that means that syntax highlighting is working … it’s just that the theme doesn’t have much support for Markdown. This is something you should address with the theme maintainer.

There is always the monokai theme which is much more colorful for Markdown:


Thank you sooooo much, that syntax theme works perfectly!