List packages ordered by date


I want to know if its a command to show:

All the packages installed in reverse date order ( first the newest packages installed, then the older…)


No. apm help shows all commands, apm help <command> shows all flags available for a command.

apm help ls                                                                                                19:28:09

Usage: apm list
       apm list --themes
       apm list --packages
       apm list --installed
       apm list --installed --enabled
       apm list --installed --bare > my-packages.txt
       apm list --json

List all the installed packages and also the packages bundled with Atom.

  --disabled       Print only disabled packages                                            [boolean]
  -b, --bare       Print packages one per line with no formatting                          [boolean]
  -e, --enabled    Print only enabled packages                                             [boolean]
  -d, --dev        Include dev packages                                    [boolean] [default: true]
  -h, --help       Print this usage message
  -i, --installed  Only list installed packages/themes                                     [boolean]
  -j, --json       Output all packages as a JSON object                                    [boolean]
  -l, --links      Include linked packages                                 [boolean] [default: true]
  -t, --themes     Only list themes                                                        [boolean]
  -p, --packages   Only list packages                                                      [boolean]

  Prefix an option with `no-` to set it to false such as --no-color to disable
  colored output.

Have you tried ls -halt? Not sure how that treats updated packages, but it’s probably your best shot.