List of things being installed?


I have been browsing through packages and installing them with the settings page. They take forever to install (why?). I start installing several of them and forget which ones I’ve started. Then if atom is closed the installations abort.

It would be nice to see a list of packages being installed, or at least a count. The count would be nice next to the message “… are up to date!”.


Also a warning if you’re closing atom and installations are still ongoing.
I haven’t had this problem, but I can see how that can get annoying.

Lastly, it would be nice to have a modal notification of a package failing or succeeding to install, no matter whether the settings screen is open or not. Worth being default behavior rather than a package. I’d look into that, but I have yet to actually explore the API properly.


Any kind of installation tracking would be super awesome. I’ve had to set up Atom a few times already and I always fear installing packages may fail or may never complete due to closing or other errors.


If you use Settings-View to install packages then you can see the status of installation by a little tiny icon in upper right corner shown on each package.

A cloud icon for download in progress
A check mark for installation is done
A exclamation mark for installation has been failed

Here in details view of an package, atom shows also the activity but not very detailed.

But you are right, having a view for queued package activities would be cool.


You can also always use apm to install things and it will tell you when each is done.