List Licenses in App?


When packaging my App (using electron-quick-start as a base) some licence-files are created, too (LICENCE, LICENSES.chromium.html).

From publishing mobile apps, I know, I have to list all libs and their licenses I use.
Do I also have to list all the licenses listed in those files? Or do I have to ship my app including these files?


As developer of electron-builder I want to get answer about it from Electron team :slight_smile: Currently, these 2 files are not included into the mac app (because outside of app bundle). So, not clear for me – “I have to ship my app including these files” or not.


We can’t give legal advice. If you’re asking for legal advice, you should contact a legal professional.

I can tell you that, yes, it is considered common courtesy to include the licenses of all dependencies, whether direct or transitive.