List images will not center


I have tried so many different things to get these list items to center but it just wont happen. The text centers with the images but then neither will center with the actual browser window and it is very annoying. Please help me with the code for centering these images and paragraphs with the browser window.


We can’t see anything about the box outside the images and text. It’s probably that box that’s being pushed to the right.


how do I fix that, and thank you for actively responding.


I don’t know, because you haven’t shown me what you’re doing with it. If you show me where you define that box and what CSS rules you’ve applied to it, I can maybe offer some insight. It would be even better if you uploaded the whole thing to the web. Codepen is a great place to host experiments like what you’re doing, and Atom offers GitHub integration that makes it easy to use git to share your code.

Also, I’m not a moderator on these forums, but none of your questions have anything to do with Atom. There are places on the web for learning HTML and this is not one of them. I would advise you to not create any more threads. Instead, you can add future questions to one of the threads you’ve already started. This will help keep the number of off-topic threads to a minimum.