List and manage your gists with glist


glist let you list and edit gist within atom.


apm install glist

How to Use

there is kind of glist mode concept if you’ve use the emacs gist mode before, you can ctrl-x ctrl-g to toggle on/off glist mode

  1. just toggle on glist you’ll redirected to your gists folder, and update all your gists into the folder.

  2. cmd-t to find any gist you wanna edit

  3. ctrl-x ctrl-s will both save your gist locally and update on

  4. you can also delete gist by command glist:delete

now I can use Atom and gist in place of evernote :beer:


This is a great package. Unfortunately it does leak. CPU and RAM peaks.

Also trying to figure out about the authentication but I think it has to do with the permissions I have authorised when creating the token. Can you please verify those as well?


hi, can you please specific what operation cause the leak and which version your using

I get the authentication token from atom.getGitHubAuthToken(), so I guess atom changed it’s API and now is not working, I’ll looking for that, thanks for submit this issue :blush:


Initially I uninstalled the package after the leak happened so I could continue to use the editor and when I reinstalled it the plugin didn’t work so I had to get rid of the whole app and reinstall the app and the install the plugin to try and replicate the issue. After this the plugin worked with no indication of a leak. So current status no leak.

As far as I can remember from what I did back when the issue occurred I was having trouble with the authentication of my gist repo so all creations or updates were flagging a fatal error. Somewhere around there is when I noticed that my CPU was running at 100% and that Atom had 2.45 GB of RAM. this was on version 0.89 of Atom.

Not really helpful after I got the package to work again but I hope what I remembered can help you debug this



thanks and the auth issue should be fixed in glist v1.0.4, due to the atom api change.

you may have to paste your token to config if git config -l doesn’t have github.oauth-token


I did it manually in the package settings although git config does have a token.
I will test it thought if it recognises it.
I wanted to make sure that it works so I did it manually anyway.
Will keep you posted.