Linux on intel pentium


Hello every body

I have downloaded the deb package but deb package is not installed yet. It’s for Amd64 and I have an intel pentium dual core laptop

that’s all


Hello Alejandro.

“AMD64” designates the 64-bit architecture. You have the right packages, if your machine is an Intel 64-bit machine running with 64-bit operating system.

Hopefully an interesting read (found by web search, not read yet):



You wouldn’t normally download packages like that, you’d either install through the settings menu, or run apm install packageName in the command line. This puts the package in the right place and installs all its dependencies.


I believe @Alejandro777 is talking about the .deb package from the Atom releases page. I’m not sure what the difficulty is.


Yes i’m talking about .deb package. My architecture is i386 and my computer return an error when try to install it


There aren’t official builds for 32-bit Linux. You may be able to build it from source.