Linux: Node pre version detected?


Ok so I am feebly attempting to build atom on my temporary Linux box, because… well for shits’n’giggles really.

It took me a while to get a recent node version installed, as all standard methods gave me node v0.6 for some reason.
But finally I got 0.10.30 installed (see bottom of the screenshot).

And yet… node gyp seems to believe I have 0.11.14-pre installed and freaks out.

So… well… I mean… Why? :confused:


Atom installs and uses its own Node.


@mark_hahn is right about atom shipping with node, but I thought I read the latest atom version use 0.11.13, so it seems weird that it try to use a 0.11.14-pre. On a side note have you tried to install node through nvm? It should have much more recipes for node that the linux ppas.


I haven’t tried nvm actually, didn’t think of that. I suppose that should really allow me to specify the exact version I want.
I’ll report back on that.

But do I understand correctly that, because atom comes with it, I should not even need to have node installed?


Incorrect. You need to have Node.js v0.10.x to build Atom. Higher versions of Node.js might work, but not guaranteed to work AFAIK.

The bundled version of Node.js is for runtime purposes.


That’s what I thought. That talk of bundled node confused me there for a moment. Ok, no worries.


Changing the node version via nvm worked.
I had to make sure the nvm -selected version was made available globally, but after that I was able to complete the rest of the build.

For reference, this article was very helpful in doing that.