Linux keybindings on a Mac


I’m using my Macbook with an external conventional keyboard (Apple ones are too expensive). I also use Atom on Linux. My muscle memory is trying to emulate linux commands because of the keyboard and that’s causing a lot of issues. Is there a way temporarily to use Linux bindings?


There currently isn’t a way to do this, no.


I’ve spent some time getting my keymap settings to behave more like they do on linux. Yet, my situation might be a little different than yours because I switch cmd and ctrl, but hopefully my settings might be helpful:


You could copy atom’s linux keymap and place it in your user keymap (application:open-your-keymap), but this only deals with core keybindings. Changing package keybindings would be a bit more work.


Thanks a lot. In the end I decided not to fight and bought a Mac keyboard.