Linux commands overwriten


I am trying Atom on Linux.
I come from emacs, so some keybindings like ctrl+a and ctrl+e are basic for me for moving to beginning and end of line.
Trying to overwrite them in my keybindings file, but ctrl + a seams like no way to do it and just works a a “select all in file”.

Probably not the first person with that problem.
Can anybody help with that?.

Thank you.


The most specific binding wins. So you will need to make your css selector more specific than the one you are replacing.

To debug this turn on the keybinding resolver using ctrl-period. That will show you which bindings are winning.


I understand. Thank you for your help.


BTW, you will have problems with ctrl-E because it is used as a prefix key. There are many threads about the problem of a delay after typing that key. Search for ctrl-E.

Edit: I think there is a fix.