Linux - Can't copy from X selection



currently it seems that only GTK selection buffer is supported but i’d like to also be able to paste from X selection as I’m using rxvt/xterm a lot.


Yes, that would be nice. I’m replying to add the following search terms to this topic for future searchers: primary clipboard, middle click.


Yeah the middle-click clipboard is something you really get used to. Looks like we’ll have it soon though:


ah, nice. thanks for linking the issue!


There is a fix for this issue sitting there for almost 3 months.
How can it be accelerated, to get accepted upstream?


I don’t have a way to test it, but if this comment is to be believed:

And indeed no React editor support.

then that would have to be fixed first, since the React editor is the default editor now. And I’m not sure how much of the original editor component remains.


Clipboard support seems to be broken on linux.

For example, I can not paste after deleting a character or to be more precise the deleted caracter is pasted.

It seems that internaly Atom uses a selection to select the character to delete and this updates the clipboard

I would appreciate any suggestions or a quick fix as this is really annoying


Can you be more specific as to what exactly you’re doing, what happens and what you expected to happen? From your description I tried this:

  1. Typed foo into an editor
  2. Selected foo with the keyboard
  3. Pressed Cmd+X to cut it, no text is in the editor now
  4. Typed bar into the editor
  5. Pressed BACKSPACE once to delete the r
  6. Pressed Cmd+V to paste foo

The text ended up being bafoo as expected.


Are you using linux ?

  1. type foo
  2. select the text using the mouse or keybord
  3. press ctrl + c
  4. go to the end of line
  5. hit backspace 1 time to delete the last O
  6. press ctrl + v

I should get fofoo instead I get foo


No, I’m using OS X. You should file a bug on the main Atom repository and include these exact repro steps as well as which OS and Atom versions you’re running.