Linux build (screenshot)


Mac instead of Linux
Thanks for wasting my time
From Happy to Sad :(

I’ld really like to try that myself,
is there any way we can get our hands on an early linux build?


I think it is probably still a few weeks off before it is usable. But we’ll definitely need help testing once the basics are there so we’ll make it announcement when it is a bit further along.


Great news, I can’t wait to start using Atom on Linux!

I am learning JS/CS for the sole purpose of being able to create extensions for Atom. :wink:


Great news/screenshot! Looking forward to test it! If you need some testers: I’m using Fedora 20 x86_64 with KDE


Really nice! Would like to test it too. :smile:


I’m here as a possible tester as well. I’m on ArchLinux x86_64 with Openbox.


I’d be happy to be a tester as well; Arch x86_64 GNOME3


So as to not dilute any discussion with “me too” posts, if you want to volunteer to test … just like the topic by clicking the heart icon. (This doesn’t guarantee anything … but it gives the Atom team visibility into who wants to help and doesn’t stack the thread with a bunch of posts that don’t contribute a lot to the discussion.)


Hi @kevinsawicki , I’d like to beta/alpha-test the linux build.

JavaScript developer on Arch linux and WM. So it might be a good idea to test
on something different than gnome/kde.


True but perhaps its good to see who is using what, so you can find beta-testers based on their system.

What flavor and version of Linux or FreeBSD do you use?

I’m on for testing - Xubuntu 13.04 and also Arch on Raspberry Pi.


I would love to test this on Slackware64-current. :wink:


Have Ubuntu, will test


Perhaps it is, but this topic is not the place to do it. I’ve started a new topic where everyone can convey the right information to the Atom team in an easy to understand fashion.

Please add a like to this topic if you want to help test. If you want to give information on what you use, use the other topic.


I use OpenSuse, but I found that Ubuntu executables usually run fine on Suse, too.


hi, an debian user right here, waiting to test atom!


ZIP or did not happen!

split this topic #19

I moved 5 posts to an existing topic: What flavor and version of Linux or FreeBSD do you use?


This is great! Hopefully you all will do the right thing and release Atom as free software as well. Super excited to use this, but the last thing we need is is another non-free text editor (or any non-free software for that matter). Here’s to hoping - would love to contribute.