Linting or Syntax Checking


Is there a support for linters like jshint, flake8, pep8 etc in the beta?

Python flake8 compliant indentation

I plan to port sublimelint when I get my beta invite.


do you still need an invite?


Yeah. Is it a viral sort of thing, or is GitHub metering them out?


they are handing them out, but I have an invite if you’ll share your email.


+1 looking for jshint with .jshintrc support - so this would be awesome :slight_smile:


Someone has made a jshint plugin, but it doesn’t support .jshintrc yet.


Just got my invite. I’m on it.


hi, creator of that plugin here. It does now support .jshintrc and having your jshint config set in package.json :smile:


Whenever you have something ready… just share it here :slight_smile: would be awesome to test it…


Atom Lint is getting pretty popular. I added flake8 support and see others have added a handful of others.



There’s the package Linter which is based on the concept of SublimeLinter3, to provide an API for linters to parse and display errors in the Atom editor. We have already linters for:

And more linters are coming, the project is really active. Report your issues on Github!