Linter vhdl


I am not able to make the VHDL linter work at all.
I have installed the linter package and the VHDL linter package.
I am running Ubuntu 16.04 with plasma desktop
My compiler is vcom (modelsim) which works from the command line
How is the linter supposed to work?
How do I debug the problem
The linter window in the buttom just shows 0 to error,warning and notes even when I type some garbish and save the file


The linter sends your code to an executable (by default, ghdl) which processes the code and spits out error messages. If it’s mysteriously not working, then it’s possible that it can’t reach ghdl. Do you have it installed on your computer? If so, you should see if you can invoke it from the command line. If that works, and restarting Atom doesn’t fix the problem, you can use the process-palette package to execute command line instructions from within Atom and take a look at Atom’s environment variables to make sure everything’s where it should be.

If you confirm that ghdl is in place and accessible from Atom, then it might be a bug.



the vhdl-linter is definitely broken.
It does not show any errors or warnings.
Atom can access the ghdl. As a simple test I enabled the “Compile on Lint” option. Now if I have valid files without any errors the *.cf file is successfully created.


Not sure why but after updating to Atom 1.27.0 everything works fine.

Atom 1.27.0
linter 2.2.0
linter-ui-default 1.7.1
linter-vhdl 1.1.4

ghld 0.34 (MAC, on Linux not sure but works too)