Linter triggering "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'tokenAtBufferColumn' of undefined"


Linter triggering “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘tokenAtBufferColumn’ of undefined” at line 406 of “”.
Is anybody else having this issue or found a fix (outside of disabling the linter) to fix this issue?
I enjoy using the linter to parse my code, but generating an error after each keystroke is nearly murder.


Which linter do you mean? There are multiple Atom linter packages for JavaScript. Have you tried using Atom --safe? Which OS and version are you on? Which version of Atom are you using?

The more information you can supply, the better the chance someone can help you.


Linter Phpmd
Linter Phpcs


Just to add,

  • Mac OSX
  • Atom version 0.96.0


If you know that it is that specific package causing the issue, you should probably just open an Issue with that package:


Will do, just wanted to double check.


No problem :smile: It’s good to check the board sometimes to see if someone else has questions about the behavior too.


And the issue is now fixed :wink: Thank’s @leedohm and @mattdharmon