Linter settings warning "comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions"


I have a hundred warnings:
"comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions"
is it possible to switch them off? I want to see other warnings, which could be important to me.
Have no idea how to avoid comparison between signed and unsigned: I spent two days for workarounds with no avail. I do some character (text) conversion, so I do arithmetic operations with String variable.


You would have to take a look at the linter you’re using to figure out how to do this. This isn’t something that Atom provides. It sounds like you’re using one of the C/C++ linters? If you let us know which linter you’re using we might be able to help point you to the right documentation.


A Base Linter with Cow Powers by atom-community


That screenshot says “2/11”. What’s the other package that comes up when you search for “linter”?


The base linter package doesn’t do anything by itself. It requires two other pieces in order to work:

  • A linter utility — Inspects your code and generates linter warnings (the messages you’re asking about)
  • A linter package specific to the utility — Receives the linter warnings from the utility and hands them to the main linter package for display

What you’re asking about is how to configure the linter utility that is generating the warnings. Without knowing what linter utility you’re using (because there are multiple linter utilities for every popular programming language) we have no way of guessing how to point you in the right direction.


one more package with “linter” in the name is:
Lint C and C++ source files using gcc / g++

No idea how to track “linter utility” :frowning:


Have you taken a look at the README for the linter-gcc package? It specifically talks about how to add file or project-specific configuration.


Thank You.
There is a story about the linter-gcc is looking for configuration file " … .gcc-flags.json"
The file “.gcc-flags.json” in the root directory of the project is an editable text.

are described there. gccSuppressWarnings is configurable from GUI also. I want to supress the “comparison …” warning only.


The linter-gcc package uses the gcc compiler as its “linter utility”, so you may want to look up documentation on gcc and how to suppress warnings there.


Thank You.