Linter Python and HTML on the fly


Hi everyone

I just started using Atom this morning, and I love it. I’m literally one step away from finishing setting up everything…

I need a package for lintering Python and HTML on the fly. I have linter and PEP8 (in anaconda) ready, but I tried all the packages I can find in Atom, none of them (python related/HTML related) actually works. JS/CSS on the other hand works fine. Could anyone help me with this one? or at least point me to the right direction? Thanks.


It’s more likely that they require configuration steps that you haven’t completed than that none of those packages works. Pick one and we can help you troubleshoot it.



For Python
I used flake8 for Python. After accidentally trying it in a freshly created file, it starts to work. However, when I use it in files that already exists in a repository, it doesn’t.

  1. I copy the same code in a new file, it works.
  2. I start from a new file but give it the same name and put it in the same directory, it doesn’t work.
  3. I rename that file to something else, it works.
  4. I rename the same file back to its original name, it doesn’t work.

I use linter-htmlhint. This package doesn’t require anything if I read it correctly. It just doesn’t work on any html file, even new ones.

Thanks for the reply. Hope you can help me with either/both of them.