Linter-pyflakes not working on Windows


I’m running atom 0.194.0 on Windows 7 Professional with the latest linter and linter-pyflakes installed.

My config.cson has the path of pyflakes, which with the Anaconda distribution is:

    pyflakesExecutablePath: "C:\\Users\\<user>\\Anaconda3\\Scripts"

Absolutely nothing happens when I edit a python file with syntax errors.

  • What should happen?
  • How do I know that pyflakes is working?
  • Could it be that the Scripts directory given above only contains pyflakes, pyflakes.bat and (and no or whatever linter-pyflakes looks for)?

In the Spyder editor, pyflakes marks lines with errors but nothing seems to be happening in atom with linter-pyflakes.

This question has also been asked on the linter-pyflakes project site and on Stack Overflow but got zero answers.

Thanks in advance for any help.


It appears that the linter-pyflakes package may be abandoned. If you look at its releases page, its last update was 13 August 2014. You may want to consider switching to the linter-flake8 package?


You’re a genius.

In between me writing the post and seeing your reply, I had installed linter-flake8 and it worked first time.

It’s awesome.

Combined with autocomplete-plus-python-jedi, atom is a very powerful Python editor indeed.