Linter not working


I am trying to make a cpp file and even when I type gibberish the linter shows me no errors.

I have linter(2.1.2), linter-clang(4.1.0) and linter ui-default(1.2.2) installed. I am using MacOS. Can anybody please help me in fixing this?


cc @Arcanemagus (he’s working on linter-clang these days)


You probably have an out of date version of clang. Apparently one of the flags used in the current version was only introduced in v4.0.0 and I haven’t had time to work on a proper fix as that flag greatly simplified the work required in the package. See


I have this Apple LLVM version 8.1.0 (clang-802.0.38) when I type clang --version in into my terminal.
I have the latest version of Xcode and also latest version of Apple Developer Tools as well.
Can you please guide me through what to do now?


It looks like Apple is “versioning” the LLVM it includes with Xcode after Xcode itself then, since LLVM has only released v4.0.0, with v5 being the development branch.

I’ll be trying to get a version of linter-clang put together today if I have time that doesn’t depend on the flag introduced in v4.0.0, since most people seem to be using 3.x versions.