Linter Not Working on Mac (Resolved)


I’ve been using Atom IDE on my Mac for quite some time now to learn PHP, and everything seemed fine and everything was functional until Linter just completely stopped reporting errors. I’ve done no huge changes or made any recent installations that would impact any of the packages so I don’t understand how this particular package just stops working. I’ve tried everything from checking the settings in ide-php, I made sure the directory path of the version of PHP I’m using is included in the $PATH variable, I’ve disabled diagnostics (which doesn’t work either) and lastly uninstalled Atom and all of its associated directories and files and still nothing. This makes no sense and I’m extremely frustrated and I hope someone can shed some light on this because I don’t want to resort removing this completely and moving on to another text editor / IDE. Any help is appreciated.

Never mind, I believe I resolved the issue. It was a noob mistake, unfortunately. I believe it was occurring because when I reinstalled Atom, I didn’t drag the application to the Application directory on my Mac. Good to go now.

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