Linter not displaying errors


Hi. I’m trying to use Atom’s linter with linter-clang or linter-gcc (both produce the problem described below).

I lint the file, and on the bottom status line, it shows me linter errors (see screenshot below). However, when I try to expand the linter error pane (or what the thing is called; see screenshot), there are no errors listed.

I suspencted that the linter package had trouble running clang or something, but the green status indicator says otherwise:

bnb_state.cpp is the file I’m currently editing, so clang was run successfully on that file. Why can’t I see the two linting errors?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance,



the linter-ui-default package has a setting – panel represents – which, if set to ‘current file’ will yield the behaviour you are seeing if the errors are in a file which does not have the focus currently.