Linter no longer lints?

I’ve been successfully using linter for a past couple of weeks, but suddenly it just stopped working. I have installed linter with linter-ui-defaults, busy-signal, intentions and linter-gcc for my C projects, and it worked without an issue until this week. I am running Atom x64 on Windows 10 64 bit with latest updates to editor and all packages, but even when I run my backup portable version, with older packages, it’s still buggy.

So basically, busy-signal shows that linter is in idle at all times, there are no errors and warnings in any C file (even if I add blatantly obvious incorrect statements) and neither of the packages display any error alerts. (I have gcc compiler installed, and it works great with gpp-compiler). Linter doesn’t lints on the fly nor when saving. When I use my backup version from last week, it still doesn’t work, but at least it displays the number of errors and warnings at the bottom. What’s weird is that even when it shows how many errors there are in a file, there are still no error messages in linter log panel, and there are no red/yellow bullets on the left side and no text decorations (underlined errors).

I already deleted .atom folder from C:\Users%USERNAME%\ and everything from AppData\Roaming and AppData\Local regarding Atom, I reinstalled it using the newest installer from and there is still no change. I have no clue what to do next, how to fix this problem and I think that nobody has reported similar issues yet.

This is a copy of my post on r/Atom.