Linter guide for c code


Trying to install linter for c coding, it seems to be active but display (0,0,0) errors in the bottom left corner when there should be errors to highlight…

I have installed:

  • linter
  • linter-gcc
  • linter-ui-default
  • linter-clang (This is disabled as it only complain about “Error running clang”)

Searched google for a hour now, can’t find a guide on this subject. Anyone who can spare a few lines of hints?

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I’ve used linter-cquery to reasonable success. Personally I stick to CLion for C++ code, at least while I’m still learning it.

To get that going (and similar for linter-clang I’d guess) you need to install the language servers. For cquery, this probably means building it and providing a path to the executable in the package settings. I can try to help if you’ll get errors, but I can’t promise anything.