Linter glob seprator


I would like to separate many filetypes in linter, to skip it. There is a configuration for that, but I do not know what is the seprator for that:
//*.blade.php ???SEPRATOR??? //*.min.{js,css}



/cc @steelbrain


This configuration is usually provider-specific. Many providers including linter-alex and linter-php allow you to specify glob of files to ignore. If some do not, I would advise you open feature request bugs in their repos


Oke, maybe I am wrong, but in the linter configuration I can give the option what I would like to ignore. there is a default settings, //*.min.{js,css}. What if I would like to update this and I would like o use to ignore linter at : //.min.{js,css} /**/.blade.php


@mergodon I completely forgot about that sorry. Yeah we have a configuration in the base linter as well that allows you to ignore linting certain files. It accepts only one glob at the moment and that is due to no delimiter being present (, is a glob thing, we can’t use it to separate globs).

So if you want to ignore blade files as well as php and css files, here’s what you should try

/**/*.{min.js, min.css, blade.php}

^ that glob above should ignore all css and js as wel as php blade files


Oh lol… feeling so stupid, I was overconcentrating, the issue, to separate globs. I belive I can live with this:) thx…


Why /**/*.{min.js,min.css,styl} not work on windows?