Linter-gcc not working

Hi, i’m a college student in france and am also pretty new to this programming stuff
at my university we use the atom text editor to code in c++ and we use the g++ compiler.
I’m using archlinux and installed atom through pacman.
I then opened the settings menu and installed the linter, linter-ui-default and linter-gcc packages
After that i enabled “lint on the fly”
I then removed a “;” at the end of an instruction to see if there was any red circle or warning that popped up. There wasn’t.
I’ve tried searching on the internet but everyone’s solution is to add the g++ command to path, however mine is already there since g++ is in /usr/bin and that folder is already in path.
The weird thing is that the clang linter works flawlessly but i don’t want to use it since my school doensn’t either. Could you help me out? I’ll be happy to provide any additional info

btw the flags for gcc

linter-gcc: /usr/bin/g++ -c -Wall -std=c++11 -fmax-errors=0 -iquote/home/gabriel/coursfac/algo/tp1 /tmp/d2d164b6-bded-4bfe-afa1-e843014a24da.cpp

bro what are you saying