Linter for Ruby / Javascript



I really like using Atom – but as soon as I start adding Linter packages it gets extermely slow – to the point where I have to remove them. My company has some very large files which makes the problem even worse.

Does anyone have any suggestions to a linter that they enjoy?



Does the slowdown happen every time, or specifically when those large files are open?


Pretty much every time. It basically adds a 5 or so second lag to changing files. I tried to update it so it would only Lint on save – but that didn’t really seem to help. (Or I did it wrong.)


As far as I know, linter should only think about files you have open.

As a worst case scenario, in case you don’t manage to make the automatic linter work, you can pretty easily run linters manually, but from within Atom, using one of the terminal packages or process-palette.