Linter for c++


I am new to c++,Atom editor and this forum. I am trying to get the linter for c++ to work.
I got the following packages:

build (noseglid)
linter-gcc (hebaishi)

I want this realtime “compilation” that tells me if I missed semi-colon etc.

But I cant get it to work. No error messages, nothing. It does not correct my bad syntax.

I got OS X El Capitan v: 10.11.2

p.s. I checked the forum and googled, but I cant find anyone with similar problem


Can you verify that the linters are running at all? If not, maybe you should file an issue on the linter package? If you can tell that the linters are running but not doing what you want, perhaps you should file an Issue on the linter-cpplint or linter-gcc packages?