Linter for C/C++ on Windows (Linter-Clang)


So I realize that this question has been asked before, however I have yet to find a working answer.

I’m using Atom as my “IDE” for a C project, and it would be nice to have some sort of Linter for my sanity. I’ve installed Linter and Linter-Clang, but I can’t seem to get any response from the package. It appears in the gutter and tells me that I have 0 issues no matter how many syntax errors I introduce.

Is anyone aware of an alternative to Linter-Clang? Or perhaps you could enlighten my in the error of my ways.


EDIT: I got it responding, but can’t get it to stop complaining about additional includes that are missing. I’ve configured my .clang_complete file correctly as instructed by the packages documentation.


There are a couple of things you can look at to make sure the package is in order.

  1. Do you have clang installed?
  2. Is the directory holding the clang executable in your PATH environment variable?
  3. Check that the linter-clang settings panel and share with us the contents of the Exec-Path field.


1/2.Yes Clang is installed and configured into my path, I use it for a number of other development tools including Include-What-You-Use and it works without issue.
3. My Exec-Path field just contains “clang”, which is how I would use clang on the command line.

I wrote a Python script that gathers all of my Include paths into a .clang_complete file in the root of my project structure as instructed by the package documentation. Is this how you would do it?