[Linter] Error running tidy


I always get this error when i’m saving .

[Linter] Error running tidy
See Console for more info. (Open View -> Developer -> Toogle Developer Tools)

Why is that?
I have installed liner-tidy!



What does the console say?


I dont know how to access console!


did you try folowing those directions from the view menu ?


/home/phamthanhbinhblog/.atom/packages/linter/lib/linter-registry.js:159 [Linter] Error running tidy Error: Failed to spawn command tidy. Make sure tidy is installed and on your PATH
at /home/phamthanhbinhblog/.atom/packages/linter-tidy/node_modules/atom-linter/lib/helpers.js:102:24
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:103:7)

hlep me


You should start by doing what the error message suggests and installing tidy.