[linter] error running php


I know that there was already this topic but has the only difference that it did not give the solution …
I try to give the path to linter to execute the php its do not do
This is what it shows me

When i even write the path in the path for php ca does not take

  1. What does the console say?

  2. Please use screenshots, not grainy photos.


This is what the console shows


Why did you crop off part of the message?

I don’t see anything in that short segment of the error that indicates any relationship with phpor phpcs. You should look for other errors that are clearly associated with the binaries the linter package is trying to evoke.

Are you sure that you’ve installed php and phpcs and that they’re in your PATH?


I have correctly indicated my path now php linter gives but phpcs continues to show me this error. If your need for another info for me makes me sign and thank you


What is the text of the error message in the console?


Sorry i was sick my computer it is spoiled I will have to close the topic and thank you for your help