Linter doesnt work simultaneously with c++


hi i’m new in atom , i have installed linter for showing me the errors simultaneously like visual studio.
but it doesnt show any errors until i press f5 for debugging. is there any way to make it work like visual studio ? thanks …


You could write an script to run the debugger whenever you save the file. I just need to know what package is generating the debugger so I can find the right command to give you.


i guess it uses the standard g++ which comes with an ubuntu install


Atom does not have the ability to use g++. That’s the package you’re using, which I need to know before I can take a look at it.


i have installed these packages some of them comes beside with linter ;

  • busy-signal

i have to press "ctr + s " to show errors how can i make it work like visual studio which shows errors simultaneously without saving.


According to the screenshot on the repo, linter-gcc responds in real time without saving. If you’re not having the same experience, then maybe the package author(s) can help you figure out why. I’m not seeing anything obvious, and I don’t do any C family work at all, so I have zero practical experience here.


in the screenshot i seen nothing usefull there actualy it’s not a big problem no need to waste time on it , so thanks anyway :slight_smile: