Links in Preferences->Packages Go To Xcode?


When I click in a link within the displayed info for a package in Preferences…, Xcode launches instead of my web browser!


Anyone else?


I can’t reproduce this. I’m running Atom v0.166.0-25b44ce on Mac OS X 10.10.1. Can you give an example? Maybe some repro steps?


It doesn’t look like I tested this enough. I think it’s only happening for links out of atom-editorconfig. If I open Preferences… and go to the options for Editorconfig, links such as Report Issue and sindresorhus/atom-editorconfig launch Xcode.


That I can reproduce, kind of. I don’t get sent to XCode, I get an OS warning dialog that says I don’t have any application associated with the URL scheme git://. It looks like the buttons are being populated with the SSH URLs because, I suspect, of the configuration of the repository or private settings in the package.json.


Which 'package.json`? Is it something I can re-configure?


The package.json of the editorconfig package. I suppose you could hand-hack it, but it would be best to notify the owner of the bug and make sure it is fixed for everyone.


I opened an issue on the GitHub repository:


atom-editorconfig is just using the GitHub shorthand which is valid. This looks like an Atom, of it not using to normalize the package.json data.