Linking Github results in "Error: An unknown error occurred"


I have a very basic personal github account with no repositories configured. I just installed Atom and tried the linking process and I get “Error: An unknown error occurred”.
Please let me know if you have suggestions on testing.


In github, Github for Atom shows up in my “Authorized Oauth Apps”


Forgot to mention, Atom version 1.20.0 on Mac OS Sierra 10.20.6


The github package currently doesn’t have any functionality beyond viewing pull requests, so there’s nothing to do with it if you don’t have a repo.


If I create a repo, would you expect that the authentication portion would work and show me the available repos. I just did create a repo and did the authentication again, but still get the same error.


Apologies, I misspoke. I meant to say that the GitHub tab has no functionality beyond pull requests. The github package is responsible for both the Git and GitHub tabs.

Please post a screenshot of Atom when you have the repo open.