Linking fails when building Electron from source


When running npm run build, ninja fails during linking.
I’m using Arch Linux, and I’ve uploaded my log to

I’m not sure where to progress from here. The error log is incredibly long, and nothing near the top/bottom seemed to be the cause.


Were you able to resolve this? I am facing a similar if not the exact same error. Only difference is my environment is a clean Ubuntu 15.x desktop.

Incredibly frustrating to have 1570 steps pass and 1 fail.


I was somewhat able to fix this, just yesterday, in fact.

I’m still unable to build 0.36.11 and before, but 0.37.0 and above build properly.

I started following

So, run two scripts:
./script/ -v
./script/ -c D


Thank you @mitchhentges !
I managed to get 0.37.x as well :slight_smile: