Linking CSS to html (for a n00b)


Hi, I just started coding a month ago. I downloaded atom the other day and set up simple html and css files. I am including the exact css file name in the <link href="" >, but cannot seem to get my css to link to the html doc. I’m obviously missing something very obvious, but any help would be great thanks.


This is probably a question better asked on You also should provide details on what you’re doing, how are you serving the files, etc. We don’t know your setup, so it’s hard to tell what’s wrong, because from what you described using <link href="" > should work just fine.


For this and future inquiries, keep in mind that the more pertinent information you provide, the better. If you posted a screenshot containing your tree view (expanded so that both files are visible) and your <link> tag, I could tell you exactly what you needed.