Linking css externally to html file

I am having trouble trying to figure out why my css file will not link with my html file. Both files are in the same folder and I believe I’m using the proper tags and placement. I’m in the process of learning css, so figuring this out will be of great service!58%20PM

You’re telling it to look in a folder first for the style
file; relative paths are resolved from the HTML file location

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Also, make sure you save both files before you expect changes to appear.

If there is something you don’t understand about the advice you’ve been given, please discuss how much of it you understand so that we can explain in more detail.

Right now, the browser (Atom) is looking for a file at csscrashcourse/csscheatsheet/csscheatsheet/style.css, and there’s no file there.

Yes, thank you for your help! I was able to make the changes by listing only the file. I know it may be simple, but I’m still trying to get the concept of saving files and images and accessing them externally to link to the code.