Linking Atom with Python (on terminal)


Hello i am an accountant. I have recently started learning Python with atom. I want to see output in Terminal (where i run python3.6) every time i type code/command on Atom. How i should see it ? Please advise


There is the script package, which will let you run the current file on command.

The output will show in a little box at the bottom. It does not support user input (to my knowledge), but should be enough for learning Python.

If you need a terminal prompt, try termination or platformio-ide-terminal. Both of these offer integrated terminal’s in Atom, that can open to the path of the current file.


Hey, thanks for the solution. I am a beginner so would be great it would suggest me where i should i type this command on Atom or Terminal ?


To install script, open Atom and go to Settings. In there, go to the Install tab and search for script. It should have about a million downloads already. Download it, and look at the keyboard shortcut to run it on a file. On macOS, the shortcut is cmd-i

Same with termination and platformio-ide-terminal (as both are just Atom packages). You only need one or the other of these though, because both do the same thing.


Thank you so much bro, much appreciated