Linking atom to -fopenmp in c


To enable parallel coding and use open mp, how do I link the text editor to open mp and allow it access omp.h library?


I’m not sure what “open mp” is. Can you provide a link?


I’m new to it but I believe it is a tool for parallelism in programming. Ive downloaded it through homebrew but unsure how to link it to atom using the command fopenmp. I’ve got it working on my terminal with the gcc compiler, just would like it to work on atom :grinning:


Can you provide a link to the documentation for this command?

What I’m not following is the point where you believe that this is something you can simply link to Atom. Is there a package that you’re using?


Here’s my guess. OpenMP is a multi-threading standard for C and Fortran. The poster is talking about the gcc/gfortran flag -fopenmp, which instructs the compiler to link code against libgomp (the GNU implementation of the OpenMP standard). It’s not related to Atom in any way. I’m guessing the poster would like to use Atom to write C/Fortran code that will link against libgomp when compiled. So it’s probably a matter of configuring some build package.