Line toggle to activate `debugger` for web app


For a web app (eg. React), we can add a debugger statement to activate breakpoint on Chrome devtool.
Is it possible to create a plugin that allows one to click on the line number to activate the breakpoint instead of the debugger statement?


@Avery Well, sure it’s possible. The only question is if someone understands enough about the Atom API to write a package that does it.

I don’t know how good a solution could be though. I imagine clicking the line number could just insert a debugger statement directly? Or it could be inserted, but hidden in the editor. Or it could be inserted right before being run in Atom. I certainly don’t know enough about this specific problem to be much use.


It should ideally be inserted but hidden in editor as otherwise

  1. eslint autofix will remove it by default
  2. you might accidentally commit it to version control