Line soft-wrap functionality - where is it?


Am new to atom.

I’ve spent far too much time trying to figure out how to soft wrap lines. I can’t believe this option isn’t in the settings. Finally, I search for a package that might offer this, and find “wrap-lines”, but it’s labeled deprecated, and the description says it’s been replaced by a feature in core, and that I’m to open the command palette and search for ‘autoflow’.

Well, it’s not there.

Am I missing something somewhere?



You might have had better luck searching for soft wrap. Editor: Toggle Soft Wrap is my first result.

A global setting is in the Settings > Editor tab, and you can set it for individual languages via the language package (typically language-<name>) settings.



Thank you. I erred in not scrolling through the settings in Settings > Editor.

I now see that this functionality is perfectly set up as I wanted it to be - all the configurability I could ask for.

Again, thank you.