Line number instead of dot in gutter


Hey there,

running Atom 0.99 on OS X 10.9.3 and just noticed a little bug in the line numbering when using long lines and soft wrapping. Notice how there are two lines 42 in the first and two line 26 in the second image.
The line number is technically correct though - the second 26 is still line 26 (so it should actually display a dot), and line number 27 is displayed correctly. Can’t really say what triggers this, just noticed it in one of my files.


It looks like you might be running into this bug. What do you think?


I think this is a different one. The content itself shows fine and the markup seems fine to me as well (as far as I can tell), the only problem is the same line number being displayed multiple times instead of dots being shown. I suppose atom/atom would be the place to open a ticket for this on github?


Yep, that’s where I would put it. You might want to link it to #2429 just in case there is a single root cause.


Open @