Limit maximum number of opened tabs (ZenTabs)


Hey guys !

I loved ST ZenTabs so much I ported it to atom/tabs. (see the PR).

It allows you to specify a maximum number of open tabs. The oldest tabs gets closed after the limit is reached.

See the screen capture

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

ZenTabs package available!

I :heart: it!
This would make a great package. You could keep track of the number of open editors (using Workspace::eachEditor and close the last modified one when too many are open.


This would make a great package.

Well, I already coded it ! We are just waiting for someone to merge it into the core tabs component :smile:

Sure I could do it in a new package but it was fast and easy to add it directly to the atom/tabs package. It works perfectly as it is, and I have delivered tests for it.

If this takes to long to be accepted in core atom/tabs, I’ll definitely code a separate extension.


I developed a standalone package so anybody can enjoy it without having to wait. The only problem is that I encounter a problem publishing it.

I’ll keep this topic updated.


It’s out :smile:



apm install zentabs