License issue when publishing


I’ve been able to publish my package to, but the license is greyed out. I’ve tried adjusting package.json, unpublishing, republishing, but nothing is working.

I also tried the apm publish --tag license, but it gave this error, along with the npm errors I get each time.

I’m not quite sure what to fix, my package.json is cloned from a very similar package and all I did was swap out my own text.


The tag is the version that has to match package.json and the git repo tag. Like apm --tag 1.2.3. I’m not sure what you mean by license. It isn’t required.


The license may not be required, but I’m still trying to get the package page to show that the content actually has a license. It just seems that the publication of the package isn’t being completed - since apm is returning a big red X after “Preparing and tagging a new version.”


You haven’t supplied a valid semver version number with the --tag option. It must match the version in package.json and a version tag in your github repo.


That fixed it!! Thanks