Leveraging Progressive Web App tech in an Electron app


Is anyone here using the Web App Manifest or similar to manage a part of their app that’s accessed remotely?

As our help documents have a place both on our website but also in the app, I’m currently opening them in a BrowserWindow, rather than them being part of the app. In the case the app has no connection to our servers, currently the app just falls back to a page explaining the app can’t connect.

Recently we made the decision that it should still be available to the app when there’s no connection, and while we could download them and replace them when they change, if we could leverage something like the Web App Manifest to deal with this for us, that seems ideal.

I’m not really sure what caching and PWA-like capabilities Electron’s Chromium has, so I was wondering if anyone here was doing anything using it and whether there’s anything I should be watching out for.