Level headings in markdown syntax not appearing as usual


I did a fresh install of linux-mint OS. With this, I had to freshly setup the atom too. After setting up, I noticed that the markdown syntax for level headings are not appearing as usual.

The above picture shows how the syntax is appearing at present (after installing OS and atom freshly). I am pretty sure, in the previous configuration, the level headings (apart from appearing red in colour) were appearing bold too.

Details of the present setup that might be relevant for this issue -
Theme used - Atom Material
Syntax Theme - One light
Packages installed - markdown writer, markdown preview plus and markdown folder

With these packages (and few others), I am sure the level headings were coming red and bold in One Light syntax theme in my previous configuration.
So, not sure what I have missed or what has gone wrong. Any help on how can I make them appear as usual? (Or, have i completely mistaken and this is how it should appear? In that case, looks like some of my memory too got reformatted :P)


The One Light theme does not have any instructions to make markup headings bold.


Thanks for clarifying! And thanks for pointing to the file - now I can add the instruction to make it appear bold :slight_smile: [I suppose I just have to add “font-weight: bold;” at 285]


It’s easier to modify your styles.less file to address .markup.heading. That way, if One Light updates or you change themes, you don’t lose your preferred font weight.


I tried adding the following snippet in my style.less -

  .markup.heading {
      font-weight: bold;

But its not working. Should I include it under some other section?


As the instructions in style.less say, you need to tell it to go inside the shadow DOM where the text editor is, like so:

atom-text-editor::shadow .markup.heading {
  font-weight: bold;


Thanks for being patient and guiding through! It worked…